Back in 1907, when Las Vegas was just a sleepy   little railroad town, a dairy farmer named Harry Anderson started a dairy farm on a sparsely vegetated piece of land, way out in the countryside, across from what is now University Medical Center on West Charleston Boulevard. With luck and hard work, Harry succeeded in raising a small herd of 10-15 milking cows. A Las Vegas tradition was born! Since this relatively new western town was without the modern convenience of refrigeration, Harry Anderson delivered his milk by horse-drawn wagon twice a day to ensure that his customers always had fresh milk.  Wet burlap was draped over the bottles in the back of the wagon to keep them cool.  Boy, how things were to change!                  VIEW MORE PHOTOS  ﷯enny Searles came to Las Vegas from Denver and in 1934, purchased Anderson Dairy. Mr. Searles, along with friend and General Manager, Glen Coon, became the driving force behind the growth of Anderson Dairy. By the 1940s delivery had expanded to not only Las Vegas, but also Nellis, Searchlight, Boulder City, the Titanium plant in Henderson and the three major hotels – El Rancho, the Last Frontier and the Biltmore. The dairy moved from its original location on West Charleston to the corner of Hoover and 5th Street. Then in 1956, in response to the company’s quickly growing customer base, Anderson Dairy built the largest, most advanced dairy processing plant in the southwest. Consisting of a 37,000 square foot processing and bottling plant, this new facility incorporated the latest, most up-to-date equipment and technology available. Anderson Dairy had made a solid commitment to serve the growing community of Las Vegas. Today, over a century later, the principles on which we were founded still prove successful. We will continue to provide our customers with the finest dairy products, the most dependable service, and a reason to trust in our name. A lot has changed over the years, one thing hasn't - our commitment to quality. We will continue to give you our very best; we believe it's the way Harry would have wanted it to be.

BUILDING A DAIRY                    IN THE DESERT...