MEET OURTOUR GUIDEERIKA Previous Jobs: Camp counselor, Starbucks barista, and manager at Jamba Juice. Places Lived: Staten Island, NY and now Las Vegas, NV. Hobbies, talents, special interests: My flute is my number one treasure. I’ve been playing for almost 15 years. I also love classic and new-age movies, silly puns, music, playing kickball, and stepping to well-coordinated dance songs with my friends. Favorite travel spots: Italy and California. Favorite food: My mom’s pasta. Favorite Drink: Arizona iced tea Least favorite food: “NY Pizza” that’s not from NY. Best vacation: All family trips to Italy. Favorite restaurant: Archie’s Favorite Movie: Mr. Right Three words to best describe me: short, spunky, hungry. Ability I wish I had: True sight (ability to see people’s true intentions through colors and textures) Last book read: The Eternal Ones. Favorite music: Alternative rock/pop with a splash of country. Always wanted to try: Skydiving. If I won the lottery: I’d take it in cash and travel the world. If I were stuck on an island I would bring (3 things): a hunting dog, a bowie knife serrated on one side, and a pillow. Favorite Ice cream: Chocolate!